About Us

Wateed for Decoration is a major and specialized establishment in providing gypsum, interior design, and construction materials, alongside being one of the leading decoration and gypsum roofing service providers in Saudi Arabia. Wateed was established according to unique standards and extensive scientific expertise that inspire our vision of providing products and services of superior quality and workmanship.

Our institution’s name, Wateed, was chosen to reflect the qualities of strength and durability that we aim to embody in all aspects of our work. Our objective is to establish ourselves as a leading enterprise across multiple industries. To achieve this, we are committed to building our company on a foundation of trustworthiness, excellence in performance, timely delivery, and prioritizing the development of our human resources. By doing so, we will ensure that the name Wateed truly represents the high standards of our establishment.

Eng/ Hassan bin Abdul Aziz

Director General

Our Goals

Wateed is determined to maintain its leadership position in the commercial and property development sectors by catering to all market demands for products and services, integrating with neighbouring economic environments, and establishing new sales outlets in diverse locations.
Our goal is to be the premier and most distinguished option in the property development and contracting industry, while also playing a significant role in developing the industry. To meet our customers' needs, we rely on our expertise, knowledge, development, leadership, and the provision of high-quality urban services that meet technical specifications. Additionally, we envision Wateed as being one of the major exporters.


Wateed continuously pursues excellence and investments’ versatility. We plan to lead with a meticulous scientific approach and form long-term strategic investments with major corporations. Furthermore, we strive to create value that drives success and prosperity for our customers, employees, and shareholders, while aligning our vision with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 in achieving its objectives.


Wateed aspires to be a responsible and trustworthy organization, committed to upholding the highest standards of credibility and providing outstanding services to those who interact with us.

Kingdom’s Vision

At Wateed, our unwavering commitment revolves around translating our nation’s aspirations into tangible progress and prosperity. Embracing the tremendous transformations that our beloved nation is experiencing; our objective is to significantly impact our community through meaningful contributions. We aim to be a positive and influential presence within our industry. We endorse the Kingdom’s vision in harnessing its resources and capabilities; the strategic location, distinguished investment potential, and the profound Arabic and Islamic cultural roots bestowed upon us. Our steadfast endorsement extends to the leadership’s tireless dedication to channelling collective efforts into the realization of these shared ambitions.

Why Wateed

We have a comprehensive network of exhibitions and sales outlets spread throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We offer a comprehensive range of services that fully meet the needs of our clients.

We are committed to providing unique and distinctive decor solutions characterized by dedication to work and adherence to the highest quality standards

Our team is committed to scientific and practical details to achieve outstanding results

We provide competitive and affordable prices for everyone.

Our team is highly experienced and skilled in interior design and decor.

We work passionately to achieve our clients' vision.

Wateed specializes in retail and wholesale sales in large quantities.

Wateed provides everything relating to building supplies, decor, and 3D drilling and engraving.

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