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Real Estate Development and Contracting

Wateed has made significant strides in recent years and achieved remarkable project outcomes, revenue, and overall income. This success can be attributed to the institution’s accomplished projects, robust resources and assets, and ambitious drive to expand and diversify its project and investment portfolio while actively seeking new opportunities to enhance our activities. These factors distinguish our presence on the real estate development and contracting sector map.

Project Supervision

Our company possesses a proficient technical and well-integrated engineering team that can effectively oversee and implement engineering projects abiding by engineering specifications and high-quality standards.

General Contracting and Finishing

From excavation to final delivery, our organization can oversee every aspect of a project, including all phases of construction, finishing, and decorating. Furthermore, we possess the expertise and resources to perform all project tasks with precision and exceptional quality that adhere to engineering specifications.

Design and Decor

Our company provides comprehensive interior and exterior design services that prioritize the coordination of colours and materials to create a cohesive decor scheme. We strive to maximize the use of space while achieving the client's desired outcome. Additionally, we provide detailed shop drawings, a comprehensive bill of quantities, and a project timeline to ensure a successful project outcome.

The Commercial Sector

3D Engraving and Drilling Machines

Furthermore, we have advanced three-dimensional drilling and engraving equipment that can be used for cutting, sculpting, engraving, trimming, carpentry, writing, and drawing on various materials such as wood, iron, foam, and more.
Wateed strives to supply cost-effective goods and solutions for the decor industry to satisfy our clients and meet all of their needs by providing high-quality items at reasonable costs.


Wateed for Decoration is one of the leading enterprises in the industry, with a chain of branches spread across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia operating throughout the week from 5 AM to 8 PM. Our branches provide all the necessary building materials, decor supplies, and more, selling both in retail and wholesale. We are also recognized by many companies in the Saudi market as their primary supplier.

Industrial Sector: (Wateed Factory)

The Production Department at Wateed provides a wide range of tailored gypsum interior and exterior decorations. Our team of dedicated specialists spares no effort to customize designs and crafts to meet our customers’ requirements and ensure top-notch quality. Offering cutting-edge technologies and laser devices, we excel in sculpting and cutting moulds, while meticulously selecting high-quality materials and resources to guarantee impressive and exceptional outcomes, transforming our customers’ visions and ideas into the reality they aspire to.
Our list of products includes:



Frames and Casings

Gypsum Tiles


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