Our institution’s name, Wateed, was chosen to reflect the qualities of strength and durability that we aim to embody in all aspects of our work. Our objective is to establish ourselves as a leading enterprise across multiple industries. To achieve this, we are committed to building our company on a foundation of trustworthiness, excellence in performance, timely delivery, and prioritizing the development of our human resources. By doing so, we will ensure that the name Wateed truly represents the high standards of our establishment.

Eng/ Hassan bin Abdul Aziz

Director General

لماذا وطيد للديكور

Our team is committed to scientific and practical details to achieve outstanding results

We are committed to providing unique and distinctive decor solutions characterized by dedication to work and adherence to the highest quality standards

We have a comprehensive network of exhibitions and sales outlets spread throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Our Clients

Our TEam


Years of experience
In various fields
We offer a comprehensive range of services that fully meet the needs of our clients
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